Thai to Die for in Regina – Siam Restaurant

We walked into a quaint yet comfortable, tastefully decorated Thai restaurant in the heart of Regina.  The delicious smell caught our attention, and convinced us to stay.  The service was quick, friendly and efficient. 

As to the food itself…

First, we naturally started with appetizers.  We chose the Beef Jerky and the Golden Purse to start, and I will tell you that you can’t go  wrong with either choice.  The Golden Purse was crisp and delicious, the sauce was spicy yet provided the right zest. The Beef Jerky was a completely unique experience, being sweet, chewy and delicious, with just the right texture.  The portions for both were well worth the price.

Next, we ordered the Num Tok Gai Tod, ordered medium spicy.  This is a deep-fried chicken dish made with pork, red and green onions, and cabbage on the side, and a nice hint of cilantro.  The batter itself was very light so it doesn’t have the deep-friend heavy taste you might expect from the description.  Overall, it had delicious thai flavours that won’t disappoint. 

Then, for a vegetable dish, we ordered the tempura spinach.  Unexpected deliciousness!! And who has ever heard of tempura spinach??  So crispy and fresh, with just the right amount of batter that didn’t overwhelm the greens. 

Last was the Poo Nim Pad Pong Kha-Ri, a deep-fried soft-shelled crab dish.  When you order a crab dish, you never expect portions the size we received!!  Creamy curry, red and green peppers, onions, and a nice hint of lemongrass,   This was our favorite dish of the night!!  One of the best dishes we’ve ever had, and highly recommended!


Siam Restaurant Ratings:

Food – 4.5/5 Ruebarbs

Service – 3.5/5 Ruebarbs

Ambiance – 3.5/5 Ruebarbs

Price – 5/5 Ruebarbs


 Siam on Urbanspoon


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